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Handle Material
Case offers many different Handle Materials. Here you can browse the wide selection of many different colors and materials. Choose from synthetic, bone or what about an exotic from the far reaches of the world. All Case Pocketknives are made in the Factory in Bradford, PA by skilled Americans.

2022 Calendar Series Knives
2021 Calendar Series Knives
Case Knife       Fixed Blades Tactical Fixed Blades Tactical
Case Knife    New Items in Catalog #103 New Items in Catalog #103
Case Knife 3D 3D
Case Knife Abalone Abalone
Case Knife Amber Bone Burnt Amber Bone Burnt
Case Knife Amber Bone CV Amber Bone CV
Case Knife Amber Bone SS Amber Bone SS
Case Knife American States American States
Case Knife American Workman CS - Red Synthetic American Workman CS - Red Synthetic
Case Knife American Workman Red Synthetic American Workman Red Synthetic
Case Knife Anodized - Bradford Anodized - Bradford
Case Knife Antique Bone - Blade Work Antique Bone - Blade Work
Case Knife Antique Jigged Bone Antique Jigged Bone
Case Knife Antique Smooth Bone Antique Smooth Bone
Case Knife Armed Forces Armed Forces
Case Knife Aviator® Series Aviator® Series
Case Knife Barnboard Series Burnt Cream Bone Barnboard Series Burnt Cream Bone
Case Knife Bermuda Green Bermuda Green
Case Knife Bible Verse Series Bible Verse Series
Case Knife Black & Red Micarta Black & Red Micarta
Case Knife Black Canvas Laminate Black Canvas Laminate
Case Knife Black Jigged Synthetic Black Jigged Synthetic
Case Knife Black Micarta Black Micarta
Case Knife Black Sea Dichrolam Black Sea Dichrolam
Case Knife Black Sycamore Wood Black Sycamore Wood
Case Knife Black Synthetic Black Synthetic
Case Knife Black Synthetic Exclusives CV Black Synthetic Exclusives CV
Case Knife Black Synthetic Exclusives SS Black Synthetic Exclusives SS
Case Knife Blue Bone Blue Bone
Case Knife Blue G-10 Blue G-10
Case Knife Bonestag Bonestag
Case Knife Boy Scout Boy Scout
Case Knife Boy Scouts - Blue Boy Scouts - Blue
Case Knife Boy Scouts Black Synthetic Boy Scouts Black Synthetic
Case Knife Brilliant Green Bone Brilliant Green Bone
Case Knife Brown Bone Arrowhead Shield Brown Bone Arrowhead Shield
Case Knife Brown Maple Burl Wood Brown Maple Burl Wood
Case Knife Brown Synthetic Brown Synthetic
Case Knife Brushed Steel Brushed Steel
Case Knife Bubba Gum Bubba Gum
Case Knife Buffalo Horn Buffalo Horn
Case Knife Burnt Stag Burnt Stag
Case Knife Canvas Series Canvas Series
Case Knife Caribbean Blue Bone Sawcut Caribbean Blue Bone Sawcut
Case Knife Case Celebration in the Ozarks Case Celebration in the Ozarks
Case Knife Cattaraugus Cattaraugus
Case Knife Cayenne Bone Cayenne Bone
Case Knife Chestnut Bone CV Chestnut Bone CV
Case Knife Chestnut Smooth Bone Chestnut Smooth Bone
Case Knife Chevrolet Chevrolet
Case Knife Christianity Christianity
Case Knife Color Wash - Natural Bone Color Wash - Natural Bone
Case Knife Commemorative Sets Commemorative Sets
Case Knife Crimson Bone Crimson Bone
Case Knife Cross Shield Natural Bone Cross Shield Natural Bone
Case Knife Cross Shield Personalized Cross Shield Personalized
Case Knife Cross Shield Yellow Synthetic Cross Shield Yellow Synthetic
Case Knife Designs by Linda Karst Designs by Linda Karst
Case Knife Ducks Unlimited Ducks Unlimited
Case Knife Exotic Green Malachite Exotic Green Malachite
Case Knife Exotic Sonora Sunset Exotic Sonora Sunset
Case Knife Fall Series Designs by Linda Karst Fall Series Designs by Linda Karst
Case Knife Family Series Family Series
Case Knife Father's Day Father's Day
Case Knife Father's Day Exclusives Father's Day Exclusives
Case Knife Fiber Weave Black & White Fiber Weave Black & White
Case Knife Fiber Weave Green & Black Fiber Weave Green & Black
Case Knife Fish & Game Series Fish & Game Series
Case Knife Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company
Case Knife Ford Polar Arctic Blue Kirinite™ Ford Polar Arctic Blue Kirinite™
Case Knife Freedom Series Freedom Series
Case Knife Genuine Stag Genuine Stag
Case Knife Grand Forest Camo Grand Forest Camo
Case Knife Gray Bone Gray Bone
Case Knife Green & Black Micarta Green & Black Micarta
Case Knife Halloween Designs Halloween Designs
Case Knife Harley-Davidson® Harley-Davidson®
Case Knife Holiday Knives Holiday Knives
Case Knife Horseshoe Shield Horseshoe Shield
Case Knife Horseshoe Shield Smooth Bone Horseshoe Shield Smooth Bone
Case Knife Ichthus Shield - Lilac Ichthus Shield - Lilac
Case Knife Image XX Image XX
Case Knife Image XX - Personalized Image XX - Personalized
Case Knife Image XX Exclusive Image XX Exclusive
Case Knife Image XX War Series Image XX War Series
Case Knife Jade Bone Jade Bone
Case Knife Job Bolster Series Job Bolster Series
Case Knife John Deere - Green Pearl Kirinite John Deere - Green Pearl Kirinite
Case Knife John Deere® John Deere®
Case Knife John Wayne-Other Favorites John Wayne-Other Favorites
Case Knife Karst New Items Karst New Items
Case Knife Karst Original Scrimshaw Karst Original Scrimshaw
Case Knife Kentucky Bluegrass Bone Kentucky Bluegrass Bone
Case Knife Kirinite® Black Pearl Kirinite® Black Pearl
Case Knife Kirinite® SparXX™ Blue Pearl Kirinite® SparXX™ Blue Pearl
Case Knife Kirinite™ Aqua SparXX Kirinite™ Aqua SparXX
Case Knife Kirinite™ Burgundy Kirinite™ Burgundy
Case Knife Kirinite™ Patriot Kirinite™ Patriot
Case Knife Kitchen Cutlery - Black Synthetic Kitchen Cutlery - Black Synthetic
Case Knife Kitchen Cutlery - Walnut Kitchen Cutlery - Walnut
Case Knife Kneeling Cross Series Kneeling Cross Series
Case Knife Knives of Faith Knives of Faith
Case Knife Lebanon Commemorative Lebanon Commemorative
Case Knife Lightweight Black Lightweight Black
Case Knife Lineman Lineman
Case Knife Lizardskin Lizardskin
Case Knife Magician's Knives Magician's Knives
Case Knife Masonic Masonic
Case Knife Mediterranean Blue Bone Mediterranean Blue Bone
Case Knife National Wild Turkey Federation National Wild Turkey Federation
Case Knife Natural Bone Natural Bone
Case Knife Natural Bone Bullet Shield Natural Bone Bullet Shield
Case Knife Natural Bone No Shield Natural Bone No Shield
Case Knife Navy Blue Bone Navy Blue Bone
Case Knife Navy Blue Synthetic Navy Blue Synthetic
Case Knife New Baby New Baby
Case Knife Numbered & Scrolled Numbered & Scrolled
Case Knife Occupation Series Occupation Series
Case Knife Old Red Jigged Bone Old Red Jigged Bone
Case Knife Old Red Smooth Bone PVD Old Red Smooth Bone PVD
Case Knife Olive Green Bone Olive Green Bone
Case Knife Orange Delrin Orange Delrin
Case Knife Orange Hunters Orange Hunters
Case Knife Our Family Our Family
Case Knife Personalized Hunting Personalized Hunting
Case Knife Pink Lightweight Camo Pink Lightweight Camo
Case Knife Pocket Worn® 25th Anniv Olive Green Bone Pocket Worn® 25th Anniv Olive Green Bone
Case Knife Pocket Worn® Antique Jigged Bone Pocket Worn® Antique Jigged Bone
Case Knife Pocket Worn® Bermuda Green Pocket Worn® Bermuda Green
Case Knife Pocket Worn® Gray Bone CV Pocket Worn® Gray Bone CV
Case Knife Pocket Worn® Harvest Orange Pocket Worn® Harvest Orange
Case Knife Pocket Worn® Mediterranean Blue Bone Pocket Worn® Mediterranean Blue Bone
Case Knife Pocket Worn® Red Pocket Worn® Red
Case Knife Polished Leather Polished Leather
Case Knife Purple Bone Purple Bone
Case Knife Purple Curly Maple Wood Purple Curly Maple Wood
Case Knife Purple Synthetic Purple Synthetic
Case Knife Quilting Series Quilting Series
Case Knife Red Bone Red Bone
Case Knife Red Bone CS Red Bone CS
Case Knife Red Bone CV Red Bone CV
Case Knife Red G-10 Red G-10
Case Knife Red Stag Red Stag
Case Knife Rosewood Rosewood
Case Knife Rosewood Jigged Rosewood Jigged
Case Knife Rough Black Rough Black
Case Knife Rustic Red Richlite® Rustic Red Richlite®
Case Knife Shot Show Exclusives. Shot Show Exclusives.
Case Knife Show Exclusives Show Exclusives
Case Knife SparXX SparXX
Case Knife Sportsman Series Sportsman Series
Case Knife Stag Crowns Stag Crowns
Case Knife Staminawood Staminawood
Case Knife Star Spangled Star Spangled
Case Knife Stars & Stripes Stars & Stripes
Case Knife Sterling Silver Sterling Silver
Case Knife Stripes of Service Stripes of Service
Case Knife Sunflower Synthetic Sunflower Synthetic
Case Knife Tested XX® Natural Bone Tested XX® Natural Bone
Case Knife Tony Bose Tony Bose
Case Knife Tony Bose - HT Trapper Tony Bose - HT Trapper
Case Knife Tony Bose - Medium Toothpick Tony Bose - Medium Toothpick
Case Knife Turkey & Tracks Series Turkey & Tracks Series
Case Knife Unclaimed Event Knives Unclaimed Event Knives
Case Knife United States Air Force United States Air Force
Case Knife United States Army United States Army
Case Knife United States Marine Corps® United States Marine Corps®
Case Knife United States Navy United States Navy
Case Knife United We Stand United We Stand
Case Knife V-42 Collectibles V-42 Collectibles
Case Knife Vintage Flag Series Vintage Flag Series
Case Knife Water Buffalo Horn Water Buffalo Horn
Case Knife White Synthetic White Synthetic
Case Knife Winkler Winkler
Case Knife Woodchuck® Series Woodchuck® Series
Case Knife Yellow Synthetic CV Yellow Synthetic CV
Case Knife Yellow Synthetic Exclusive Yellow Synthetic Exclusive
Case Knife Yellow Synthetic SS Yellow Synthetic SS
Case Knife Yellowhorse Custom - Freedom Eagle Yellowhorse Custom - Freedom Eagle
Case Knife Yellowhorse Custom - Mother-of-Pearl Yellowhorse Custom - Mother-of-Pearl
Case Knife Zippo Knives Zippo Knives
Case Knife Zytel Zytel
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